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About RCM Pros, Inc

RCMP is a full-service Practice Management company with over 30 years of extensive experience with most Medical Specialties and Value based payment models. We are a local Florida based RCM company that has experience with the intricacies and requirements of local payors while also working with clients throughout the continental US.  RCMP works with the Providers existing PM/EHR system and specializes in eCW, Kareo, NextGen (formerly Meditouch), Practice Fusion and others.  RCMP recently started a to offer the ForeSeeMedical platform, the leading AI technology for Value-based care for Medicare advantage, and currently works with several Groups, MSOs and IPAs.

 RCMP Value Added Services: 

  • RCMP has extensive experience with most Medical Specialties 
  • RCMP is a Practice Management company with over 30 years of experience 
  • RCMP is a Florida based RCM company that understands the intricacies and requirements of local payors  
  • RCMP, on average, increases Monthly receipts between 15% and 20% 
  • RCMP first pass rate for clean claims exceeds 95 
  • RCMP exceeds the MGMA’s benchmark of a collection rate of 95% for our clients 
  • RCMP will get rid of your day-to-day headache of billing & collections and manage you’re A/R proactively 
  • RCMP provides a Monthly Practice Performance Report  
  • RCMP’s Agreements are not long term  
  • RCMP leverages the use of technology, automation and efficiency to make an effective and efficient RCM process 
  • RCMP provides Value-Based care RCM services using the ForeSee Medical platform 

Our Mission

RCMP was started to provide Medical Practices with the highest quality revenue cycle management and consulting services.  RCMP’s philosophy aims to add value to Medical Practices by offering solutions that are customized to the Providers’ specific needs and improves the Practice’s efficiency and profitability. In this era of large, impersonal, volume oriented, and cheap offshore outsourced RCM services, RCMP is poised to continue its growth by providing short term results and long-term value. 

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With over 30+ years of Practice Management experience, RCM Pros has the extensive experience to maximize your practices efficiency and profitability. Contact us today!

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